Experience Virtual Reality Like Never Before

There are plenty of blogs, white papers and case studies highlighting the use cases for VR in today's marketplace. In this session, we'll get down to the details of how VR can help you be provide a safe and efficient environment for your teams to remain competitive. It's difficult to duplicate the benefits of VR and you'll hear from industry experts around VR being effective in the workplace.

- VR in the enterprise work place
- Benefits of training in VR
- Innovate, design, test and learn with VR
- What does a VR user experience " hands on

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Featured Speaker(s)

Dan Schneider, Virtual Reality Evangelist

VR Evangelist with 10 years of experience with an emphasis on Virtual Reality and virtual technologies. Dan is a regular on the VR talk circuit and demonstrates VR by emphasizing key drivers. He is recognized as an accomplished speaker and subject matter expert and brings a dynamic and comprehensive approach.

Dawn LeBlanc, Managing Director, Startupbootcamp's Hartford InsurTech

Dawn is the Managing Director for Startupbootcamp's Hartford InsurTech accelerator. Dawn connects the expertise of leading insurers, investors and mentors to transformative startups important to the insurance market. She brings 30 plus years of experience from several well-known global insurance and financial services companies where she has led forward thinking innovative products and initiatives.

Lexi Hain, Assistant Research Professor, University of Connecticut & CEO, Arax Engineering, LLC.

Lexi is an assistant research professor at the University of Connecticut focused in structural engineering. Lexi's expertise is in the structural assessment of bridges and her current interest is in using VR as a tool to bring bridges "back to the office". Her work on using 3-D imaging and VR for bridge inspection and evaluation led to the creation of her startup, Arax Engineering.

Schedule of Events

6:00-6:30 - Registration and Reception/Hands-on Virtual Experience
6:30-7:15 - Panel Discussion
7:15-7:30 - Q&A
7:30-8:00 Networking/Hands-on Virtual Experience