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What does your culture say about your company?

With the ever changing and evolving needs of both professional and personal lives, how does a company continue to attract and retain talent? Join us as we discuss how to "walk the walk" and deliver a culture employees rave about, at any stage of life.


Working around the human element
- Communication, cultural and gender differences, life stage and priority variations, and working remotely vs. in office setting- How do you navigate, acknowledge, adapt and overcome all elements to keep engagement across the board?
- How do you build a desirable atmosphere and keep employees happy without changing so often that people feel as though the company is unreliable?

Subcultures within the organization
- How does a company encourage the bonding/team building from creating and facilitating these groups and still balancing inclusion and avoiding "cliques"?

- How do you strategically market or brand your company to advertise and target the talent you are looking for? What tools or resources are crucial to that success?

Corporates values
- What is your company's take on social responsibility? How does the organization live up to the community, workplace, environment, and marketplace initiatives?