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WORK HARD, PLAY HARD : Annual Mother Daughter Event

Working hard and playing hard is about living our lives to the fullest!
Bobbi Mooney and her daughter Shaylyn will join us, as we will explore how to live life in a healthy balance of work and play as girls and women. We know that all work and no play is NO FUN! And we know that increasing leisure time in our society has brought unintended additional stress for some. We will look at some practices or disciplines that will help us succeed both at school and in our jobs. We will add our creativity to technology enablers to find ways to apply the "Ate It" law to work, which makes us smarter workers and creates more time for play. We will also look at the importance of play in our lives and think of ways to stay playful even after we're grown up!

*TO REGISTER YOUR DAUGHTER OR OTHER YOUNG PERSON --- please send an email to Abby Kannappan at: [email protected] - please plan on paying at the door. First guest is free, additional guests are $5.00. We welcome, and encourage, you to bring any young person that is important in your life.

**TO REGISTER AS A STUDENT (COLLEGE) --- please send an email to Abby Kannappan at: [email protected] - please plan on paying at the door. We are offering a special rate for students, at this meeting only, for $10. Student IDs are required for this special discount.

Featured Speaker(s)

Bobbi Mooney is a senior manager at Shell Information Technology International with an established track record in leading IT consultancy and service businesses from strategy and business planning through business execution. She now leads Shell's IT Service Delivery business for the Americas region with an organization of 800 people serving customers in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. Bobbie has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and a Masters of Science in Computer Science from Purdue University with a management specialization from the Krannert School of Management.

Shaylyn Mooney is a 13 year-old 8th grader who lives and breathes by the philosophy of working hard and playing hard! At school, she is in accelerated Math, Science and English, and excels in Field and Track. Running fast is one of her passions. Part of playing hard for Shaylyn means trying out different music and sports to see what she likes best. She is active in her church youth group and spends a lot of her free time on-line talking with friends.

Schedule of Events

6:00- 6:45 PM Registration and Networking
6:45- 7:00 PM Opening Announcements
7:00- 8:00 PM Speaker Presentation
8:00- 8:30 PM Closing/Questions and Answers