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Maximizing Performance and Balancing Life

Happy New Year! Start the new year off right!

Join us for an insightful and interactive session with Jenna Wayne as we learn how to maximize our daily living.

- Identify the 5 areas of life to balance for success and fulfillment
- Learn the 3 strategies to maximize performance in personal and business life
- Experience quick techniques to release negativities, manage stress and boost
vitality fast
- Discover the 5 intelligences you may not know you have that can help you
maximize your performance
- Understand how putting yourself first helps everyone around you perform at
their best
- Creating a vision, mission and plan for life - not just work

Featured Speaker(s)

Jenna Wayne is Executive Vice-President and a Trainer and Certified Coach-Consultant for GLOCEN, an international organization founded by Del Pe to help executives, professionals, leaders, teams and organizations maximize performance and balance life. She is a Success and Self-Fulfillment Strategies Specialist who provides seminars and coaching-consulting for high-achievement professionals, executives and organizations. Ms. Wayne helps clients work smarter, live healthier and grow faster by beating fatigue and stress fast, balancing family and work life, managing time and life with GLOCEN's practical strategies and applying 8 core values for success and self-fulfillment. She has worked as a GLOCEN Success and Self-Fulfillment Strategies Specialist with The World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, The Presidential Office of Colombia, Grupo Marta in Costa Rica, the American Business Women's Association, the Hispanic Business Women's Association and Women in Technology International.

Ms. Wayne also serves as Editor-in-Chief for Del Pe's multimedia production company, MDP Global Resources, which produces books, DVDs, CDs and a Life Planner. She is a member of Toastmasters International and Grupo Hispano Mujer de Hoy and serves on the Board of Advisors for Brookside Capital in San Francisco, CA. Jenna integrates her advanced training in Success and Self-Fulfillment Strategies with her prior experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, corporate strategic planner, speaker, book author, media consultant and magazine editor in the field of the Internet in healthcare to help high-performing professionals achieve what they want and enjoy what they have while living a legendary life. Ms. Wayne received her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Brown University and her Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Harvard and Tufts Universities.

Schedule of Events

6:00pm Registration, Dinner and Networking
6:45pm Introductions
7:00pm Jenna Wayne
8:00pm Networking