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Opening Windows in the Glass Ceiling: 6 Key Practices of Successful Women Leaders by Lynn Matlock Hicks

The business world is still based on the rules of team sports. Knowing and understanding how to navigate within this system in critical to your success. There is a way to do this by understanding the dynamics of male and female cultures, identifying the rules of the game of business, and honoring your talents as a woman in the process.

Lynn will discuss 6 key practices that contribute to success for female leaders in the business world. These are important for anyone, but they are especially important for women because of the challenges faced by women both professionally and personally. Even though roles are shifting among men and women, we still face expectations from our culture as to how we're expected to behave, responsibilities that are assumed women will handle, and messages we received growing up which drive our assumptions and mental models. The better we understand these influences and make them visible to ourselves and others, the more at choice we are.

Lynn will share these practices with us and provide an opportunity to discover the steps we can take to put these in motion for ourselves. It will be a fun and interactive evening.

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Lynn Matlock Hicks, MSOD, CPCC, is the principal of Transformation by Design, providing executive coaching, leadership development, and organization consulting services to leaders. She specializes in supporting women managers and executives to increase their visibility, move into positions with greater responsibility, and strengthen their leadership abilities. Lynn has 18 years of corporate business and management experience as a successful organization development consultant, leadership trainer, coach, financial analyst, and marketing manager. She has a Master's Degree in Organization Development, is certified as a professional coach and is a Myers-Briggs practitioner. For more information, visit her website at

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6:00pm Registration, Dinner and Networking
6:45pm WITI Administrative Business and Introductions
7:00pm Guest Speaker
8:00pm Networking