Interviewing �" Both Sides of the Desk

Take a deep dive into interviewing - covering both sides of the desk for the interviewee and interviewer.

Between the challenges that Corporate America are facing with attracting the best candidates, younger generations and the factor of the national "quit rate" at its highest level since 2009 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) it becomes imperative to make a great first impression during interviews for both the client company and the candidate.

How do you make yourself or your company stand out from the competition and land that great job or awesome candidate?

This presentation will be an interactive discussion on multiple types of interviews and best practices for best results on interviews. Learn how to prepare and present the interview from the interviewer and interviewee perspective as well as, best way to follow up after the interview is over.

For interviewer, learn how to structure interview questions based on different generations, positions, and personalities and how to present your company or agency in the best possible light of opportunity. Plus doing research on what would be most valued by the specific candidate.

Interviewee, learn how to do pre-interview research, what is most important to research in your preparation, how to present your accomplishments and how to leave your own lasting first impression.

An interview is one of the first steps to a long career for candidates and essential to the development and progression of companies nationwide. Join as we discuss the key tips to improving interviews on both sides of the desk, for the interviewee looking for their great job and for the interviewer looking for their awesome candidate.

Schedule of Events

6:00pm-6:30pm Networking and Light Bites
6:30pm - 8:30pm Panel Discussion, Q&A, and Networking

Meeting Notes

Are you ready for that Professional head shot ?
We will have a photographer at the meeting that will provide that next step for your career. (Extra fee for photograph - more information to come.)