Agile as a Tool for Managing Software Risk

Agile development methodologies, among other benefits, provide an excellent mechanism for managing risk on software projects. This presentation will describe how Scrum can be used to mitigate three great project risks - shipping the wrong thing, shipping late, and shipping a low quality product.

Scrum is the most popular of the agile methodologies, and is used widely for software projects, as well as for many non-software projects. Instead of depending on detailed up front planning, the team provides the stakeholder with multiple opportunities to examine the product as construction progresses. The team then adjusts course based on stakeholder feedback, to give the stakeholder exactly what he or she wants.

This presentation discusses how this process works in practice, why it works, and how the various parts of the agile process come together to keep the project on track.

Featured Speaker(s)

Marjorie Farmer is currently the Product Manager for Software in the Cementing business unit of Halliburton. She is a past manager of the Wireline software group, and is a PMP and Certified Scrum Master. She has managed software projects both for internal use and commercial sale, including programs of up to 250 people and 19 teams. She was key to bringing agile software development methodologies to Halliburton, and was responsible for adapting the Halliburton project delivery process to apply to software projects.

Marjorie has spoken at the Agile Conference twice, and at multiple other venues regarding software process. She currently teaches a course in Risk Management at Halliburton

Schedule of Events

- 6:00pm �" 6:30pm �" Network with your fellow Agile practitioners
- 6:30pm �" 8:00pm �" Announcements and introductions, followed by our Featured Program