SDLC Best Practices for 2019: Agility and Velocity

Please join us for a WITI Lunch and Learn Meeting!

Hosted at the Clearpoint HQ House. Lunch will be served for guests attending please RSVP as soon as possible.

Noted Guest Speaker - Sean M. Fitzgerald - will lead an engaging and dynamic discussion on Software Development Best Practices for 2019 : Agility and Velocity

We will cover:

- Competitiveness in business today that requires agility and velocity within software. This is especially true for any company developing software for internally use or for sales to customers.
- Use of leading-edge techniques such as Agile and DevOps to develop software faster, more efficiently and at very low defect rates. At the heart of these techniques are principles applied by practices such as Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps that can provide a significant competitive advantage.
- Perspective of software operations and maximizing the investment in software.
- Challenges in producing quality software and the impact of testing, or in many cases, the impact of not testing software.
- Organization interdependent operational processes
- Potential complexities in obtaining software velocity.
- Technical debt with an emphasis on the potential cost burden it can have on an organization’s ability to deliver software quality in a timely manner.
- Cost of change and its relationship to testing, quality, cost and velocity
- How to avoid technical debt with approaches that reduce technical debt, increase code quality and create business velocity by using Agile and DevOps.
- Overview of DevOps Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

Audience for this presentation are entrepreneurs, startups, software engineers, IT Operations, executives or anyone that would like to better understand DevOps and its adoption.

It is a topic that is high level and is not just for technologists. Also... it is a great strategic networking opportunity for leaders at any level of the organization.

Please RSVP to Elizabeth Kim ([email protected]) so that lunch can be catered.


Featured Speaker(s)

Mr. FitzGerald has been working in the software industry more than 25 years as VP of Software Engineering, CTO and CIO. His work to date has been in small to medium sized software companies and up to 150 developers.

Mr. FitzGerald has obtained numerous industry network engineering certifications, holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems, a bachelor’s degree in electronics and a MBA in IT management from the University of Athabasca in Canada.

In the late 80’s Mr. FitzGerald established and ran his own geophysical consulting company. Then in the early 90’s Sean obtained many of the top industry certifications in network engineering. After a number of years as an IT practitioner began teaching networking engineering certification courses for Microsoft, Cisco and Novell.

Since the mid 90’s Mr. FitzGerald has led software product development and operations of over 75 products at Diablo Management Group, Visual Numerics, Rogue Wave Software, X-ISS, Quorum Software and consulted on the same for numerous other software companies. Mr. Fitzgerald has been involved in many M&A events, turnarounds and start-ups and volunteers his time to technology startups and advises for AlphaSights and GLG knowledge brokers.

Mr. FitzGerald has sat on various IAB’s including Scientific Computing Magazine and Auburn University’s Computer Science & Software Engineering (CSSE) Industry Advisory Board and participated on several industry panels. He currently serves on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Council at Auburn University.

Mr. FitzGerald’s work today focuses on software modernization, quality processes, organizational transformation and business velocity and agility by aligning people and technology with business strategy.

Schedule of Events

11:00AM-12:00PM Lunch
12:00PM-1:00PM Guest Speaker Presentation
1:00PM-2:00PM Networking