WITI Leadership WINS Monthly Meeting

The event this month will focus on the continuation of the Fierce Conversations work, with a particular emphasis on collaborative coaching. This means that attendees will be exploring ways to have productive, open conversations that lead to growth and development for all parties involved.

Collaborative coaching involves creating a safe and supportive environment in which individuals can explore and address areas for improvement. Attendees will learn strategies for listening actively, providing constructive feedback, and asking powerful questions that promote self-reflection and growth.

The event will likely involve interactive activities and group discussions to help attendees practice these skills and apply them to real-life scenarios. By the end of the event, attendees should have a better understanding of how to engage in productive, collaborative coaching conversations that lead to positive outcomes for all involved.

Marianne Kirkland, Global Director for WINS Leadership will share the vision for the program and provide updates on the key initiatives for the year. But it won't be a one-sided sharing - we want this to be collaborative so we can get your feedback and ideas on the focus areas and concrete next steps to enable us to build momentum for this WINS, make sure we are hitting your interests, and help you with your own goals. So bring your collaboration mind set, and let's have a fun and productive session!

This event occurs the third Tuesday of every month.

***No Recruiting or soliciting allowed at any WITI WINS Event. These events are for education and relationship building only***

Featured Speaker(s)

Moving across the globe as a shy 4th grader from Egypt to the United States, Marianne learned at very young age to be agile, to learn, to adapt, and to grow from all life's experiences. It was no doubt her strong family values that fostered her determination and strength to live, learn, and succeed in a whole new world.

Marianne's intelligence and determination were made obvious when as a 15-year-old a middle school student, she leapt straight into the role as a college freshman: being recognized by the state of Connecticut as the youngest student to enter college. As her life experience and education grew, she realized that she loved technology and leadership.

Following her passion for technology, Marianne earned an MIS degree at Central Connecticut State University, and then took her leadership skills and knowledge of technology to serve in a variety of roles within the world of Information Technology for the past 20 years. Having succeeded as a Developer, Programmer Analyst, Team Lead, Senior Product Owner and Corporate Vice President, she eventually landed at TD SYNNEX (previously Tech Data), where she currently serves as the Senior IT Manager. She is a results-driven servant leader, driven to boost revenues, while cutting company costs through innovative management techniques. Also, in March 2022, Marianne was appointed as the Global Director of all the WITI Networks.

Schedule of Events

First 40 minutes - Program