You've heard of the 'old boys club' but you don't realise that you have a network of contacts which far exceeds your immediate professional colleagues, friends and family.

Call it People Power.

Donna Fisher (author of People Power: 12 Power Principles to Enrich Your Business, Career & Personal Networks) talks about networking as a universal principle of giving and receiving�"a lifestyle rather than a technique.

Today's networks are "not like the Oxbridge alumni. It's more what people have done in the past two or three years that really counts, the contacts they have established, whereas the old boys' networks might be based on an academic selection process 15 years ago, which is totally different." (Reginald Warlop, quoted in The Guardian- February, 2004).

At our next session, learn how to effectively build and use your network
- in person or on-line- to benefit your professional and personally

Featured Speaker(s)

Penny Power is Founder and non-Executive Director of Ecademy.
Penny joined the IT industry at the age of 19, her final role being Sales Director in an IT organisation.

February 7th 1998 Penny came up with the idea of Ecademy in the Pizza Express in Farnham while sitting with her husband Thomas and their three children. She wanted to create an online and off-line enviornment where networking could become infectious, and doing kind things for one another would become the norm in business.

Conducting business in an ethical manner has always been of paramount importance to Penny and her husband Thomas . They shared a dream that they could build a place where these ethics would be appreciated, nurtured and rewarded, and importantly, could become infectious.

Ecademy is now thriving with over 33000 members worldwide and more joining on a daily basis. The members police one another to ensure that the ethics remain solid and true to the original plan, only good people win in the Ecademy Network.

Penny believes Ecademy will become the world's largest business network. She wants the Ecademy networkers to help people grow their contacts, learn to network and build their businesses, and have fun, all in an ethical, trustworthy, warm and KIND manner.

Penny's personal network contains over 400 contacts within it. Her husband, Thomas, has over 2,900 in his!!!

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