Virtual Happy Hour with WITI-NJ

A crisis is by definition a time of uncertainty or difficulty or danger, when a solution is needed and changes are imminent

Crisis typically requires solutions that demand changes of some kind. Change is the only certainty in life. And yet, in the midst of a crisis, the very natural human and psychological response to such changes are self-deterrent in overcoming the crisis, and anxiety, fear, mind-cluttering thoughts begin to take control.

It is important therefore, to understand these responses, (which are different or different individuals, teams and organizations), and build tools and techniques for resilience, to emerge stronger at the end of the crisis.

This interactive virtual workshop will help you:

- Understand what challenges crisis driven change brings to you and your teams
- Gain insights into your personal resilience strength
- Discuss personal skills for dealing with challenging time
- Review some best practices sustained individual and organizational resilience

About Kalpana:
Kalpana Patel is a management consultant, and President of her own consulting firm, Excellence Management Consulting, LLC, offering Executive Coaching, Leadership Team Training and Operations Management consulting services. Her firm is an authorized Wiley Partner for The Five Behaviors of Teams and Everything DISC program offerings.