Yoga for Techies

Has sitting in front of a computer all day got you bent out of shape? While many people are aware of the tension and stiffness that come from spending countless hours seated and hunched over a computer, it can also lead to neck, shoulder and lower back pain. And due to our collective reliance on keyboards, screens, and smartphones, we're also more susceptible to bad posture: overly rounded shoulders and a protruding neck.

Join us to learn a few techniques to release tension and stress.

Nila will walk us through some of the posture correction and stretching asanas that can help. These could be done anywhere sitting on a chair or on a yoga mat.

Featured Speaker(s)

Nilambari Satpute is a Certified 200 E RYT Yoga Teacher

A brief introduction in her own words:

My passion for yoga developed as life became more hectic with a family and kids and health issues began to appear. Thus began my quest to learn and deepen the practice to release pain and stress from my day-to-day life.

My professional Yoga career began 8 years ago after graduating from Integral Yoga at Princeton's training program. Since then, I have a various ailment certification in Yoga Therapy and breathing techniques from India. Currently, I'm an instructor at Princeton Fitness and Wellness at Plainsboro, focusing in Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on flexibility, strength and peace. I also spend time teaching at Integral Yoga Community Center at Princeton (IYCC) and the West Windsor Library, aiming to incorporate the mind, body and spirit. Aside from group classes, I also have private clients looking to help with their rehabilitation and a goal for a better quality of life and pain reduction.

Yoga has a profound effect on my mind and body and has empowered me to heal myself. It has a calming effect, which provides me clarity and contentment. My intention as a Yoga teacher is to help others see the immense benefits that yoga can bring to their lives through connecting the mind, body and breath and inevitably show them the tool to heal themselves.

My other interests include music and dance and you can often find me spending time with my family and playing with my dog. My passion is to teach and spread the ancient practice of yoga in order to help as many people as I can.