Breaking your Limiting Constructs: Give yourself permission to be the influencer in your own life

Join Eileen in this truly enlightening webinar to realize that women worldwide have the same struggles. She hears this from women every day. She will share with you how women everywhere are overcoming these challenges and gaining confidence in their true self.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to master: 

1. Ways to become more visible, tap your creativity, and navigate ways to gain personal and monetary recognition in your life and work,
2. Find your voice, overcome self-doubt and gain true belief in yourself,  
3. Create a healthy life balance,
4. Strategize a plan to make you and your goals a priority.

Featured Speaker(s)

Eileen Galwey, CEO and Founder of Eileen Galwey Coaching, LLC
Women's' Empowerment Coach

Eileen Galwey is passionate about empowering women to up - level their lives both personally and professionally. She is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach, helping women to source their own wisdom about what is right for them.

Over the past six years, she has interviewed over 5,000 women professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide. These women are mainly in male dominated industries she has come to know their greatest day to day challenges and difficulties.