WITI’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month Proudly Presents:
Defending Against Cyber Threats and Ransomware Attacks

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Cybersecurity is increasingly top of mind as it impacts us at home, at work, and within the global economy. The upcoming US elections highlight the security risks at a whole new level. Whether it is foreign actors seeking to subvert the democratic process, US citizens who seek to radically influence the direction of the election, or cybercriminals looking to make a profit, we are exposed.

Our panel of experts, including authors of the September 2020 Microsoft Digital Defense Report, will provide insights into the reality of cyber risks overall and also drill down on ransomware. While not the most likely scenario, human-operated ransomware attacks have been identified as the most dangerous and disruptive scenario. Join us as we discuss cyber threats and how we can improve our defenses to combat such attacks.

Featured Speaker(s)


Karen Cone is a Venture Partner with the Mastersfund,focused on women-led founding teams and serves on the Advisory Boards of multiple startups in hi-tech, fintech, and financial crime. As the former General Manager of Microsoft Worldwide Financial Services, Karen guided strategy and growth of the company’s multi-billion-dollar financial services revenue and led breakthrough Cloud initiatives with regulators. Karen was CEO and Board Director of the industry analyst firm TowerGroup, which she groomed and successfully sold to CEB (now Gartner). Earlier Karen was head of research and advisory services at Gartner and served on the Gartner International Board. She began her career with IBM opening up new markets in Russia and China. Karen has lived and worked in Europe, the UK, Asia, and the Americas.


Cristin Flynn Goodwin is the Assistant General Counsel of the Digital Security Unit in Microsoft’s Customer Security and Trust organization. Cristin’s team leads Microsoft’s efforts to understand and disrupt nation state attacks against customers and the computing ecosystem. On the legal side, Cristin provides a focal point for addressing complex cybersecurity legal problems across Microsoft. She has been a leader in incident response, information sharing, and source code security for over a decade. Cristin joined Microsoft in 2006, where she initially served as policy counsel in Microsoft’s Washington, DC office. Prior to joining Microsoft, Cristin worked for several telecommunications companies. She began her career as a trial lawyer in New York City, and worked in the World Trade Center – which cemented her commitment to security for the rest of her career.

Diana Kelley is the CTO & Co-Founder of SecurityCurve. Her security career spans over 30 years. As a volunteer, Diana serves on the ACM Ethics & Plagiarism Committee, Bartlett College of Science & Mathematics and Bridgewater State University Advisory Councils, and the RSAC US Program Committee, as well as CTO and Board member at Sightline Security, Board member at WiCyS, and Cybersecurity Advisor at CompTIA. Diana produces the #MyCyberWhy series and hosts BrightTALK’s The Security Balancing Act. She consults at TechVision Research and is a member of The Analyst Syndicate. Diana’s previous roles included Cybersecurity Field CTO for Microsoft and Global Executive Security Advisor at IBM Security. She is co-author of the books Practical Cybersecurity Architecture and Cryptographic Libraries for Developers and is one of Cybersecurity Ventures 100 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime.