WITI New Jersey Monthly Virtual Networking Event

Join us in celebrating cybersecurity awareness month with panel discussion and insights into cyber security risks, industry trends, and resources to stay secure.

WITI NJ is a strong network that looks forward to building a community of professionals helping them advance in their careers.

Featured Speaker(s)

Nehal Mehta, President, Rainbow Secure, Nextgen MFA IAM Login Security

She is a mathematician, a statistician, an astute software engineer, security researcher & now an accomplished entrepreneur. Designer of innovative Rainbow Secure identities, login APIs, smart MFA & Secure office solutions that help small business to stay secure from Hackers & be compliant, achieve security & business priorities for 2021.

She is skilled in Strategic Planning, Cyber Defense, Strong Credentials, Two-factor Authentication, Management, & Business Analysis. We started with mission to create security defense through innovation, secured patents worldwide on innovative technologies & solutions that help business & customers enjoy the benefits of digital transformation.

A-Jay Orr, PMP: Is an Author, Veteran, Internationally Certified Project Manager and CEO of Simple Plan IT. He is a digital risk expert with more than 15 years of experience in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity. He is the expert companies rely on to provide sophisticated solutions to achieve business growth and maintain compliance. He implements behavior-based security solutions to protect businesses from cyberattacks that target control systems, robotics, IoT and smart devices that often goes undetected.

Drew Koenig is an accomplished cybersecurity expert, Director of Information Security and Security Architect, with expertise in developing policies and procedures, architecture planning and reviews, managing security audits and operations, and delivering products/services within an Enterprise environment or cloud. Security blogger and podcast host of Security In Five.