What the Heck is Economic Capacity?

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In this Introductory session, participants will learn,

What Economic Prosperity means and the pathways to predictive outcomes to long term economic posterity, using what they already have. This is an introduction to the Economic Prosperity Series: Securing your Financial Future.

Featured Speaker(s)

Ngozi Bell trained in Advanced Physics, obtaining a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Electronics from the University of Portharcourt, Nigeria. She is also a trained electrical Engineer with an MSEE degree from the FAMU/FSU School of Engineering.

Ngozi Bell conducted research on spectral analysis on deep sea communication funded by the US Navy and has more than 25 years of industry experience from environmental engineering to semiconductor engineering, from telecommunications to venture capital, from the public sector to private equity to entrepreneurship, spanning four continents and a cumulative of >$1.5B in business oversight. She has also been in academia teaching physics and management.

Schedule of Events

4:00 Networking
4:15 Speaker
4:45 Questions and Answers
5:00 Adjourn