Transforming Stress into Success

Life is filled with many choices and balancing your work and personal life can often be stressful. After all, who hasn't experience stress? Learn how to uncover your personal stressors. Adapt essential strategies that you can use to handle life's pressures and enjoy what success means to you, in your life.

Join us on Tuesday for a fun, interactive, and insightful evening as Dr. Amy Thakurdas takes the mystery out of handling everyday stress.

Featured Speaker(s)

Dr. Amy Thakurdas, ND, LLM
Dr. Amy Thakurdas, ND, LLM is a well-known naturopath and medical intuitive specializing in Vibrational Medicine. She has researched ancient wisdom, consciousness and metaphysics since childhood and holds a doctorate in Naturopathy and a law degree from London University. She has spent many years studying ancient, herbal and alternative healing methods with doctors, shamans, gurus, elders and kahunas from around the world. Her training has taken across the globe and during her world travels she has been able to incorporate techniques into her practice from India, China, Russia, Brazil and Hawaii.

Dr. Amy has a rich heritage of doctors and spirituals counselors in her family. She has had a highly successful business career spanning over 20 years as a corporate attorney, practicing both in Europe and the United States. During her corporate career she represented multi-million dollar corporations, state banks and international investment institutions. As a qualified arbitrator and mediator she has settled international disputes from corporate environmental issues to inter-religious disputes.

For the last 10 years Dr, Amy has practiced in Los Angeles and more recently moved to Orange County. In her naturopathic practice she combines herbs, nutrition and homeopathy, with sound, color, aroma & flower essence therapies. In her unique sessions she encompasses ancient and modern healing methods from east to west. She carefully selects the right frequencies of treatments to match the illnesses and skillfully blends the therapies into a wonderfully relaxing treatment. She advocates to all her clients that they assume an increased awareness and education, with a dedicated attitude of responsibility for one’s own well-being.

As musician and composer Dr. Amy has performed concerts for world peace over the last 10 years in Los Angeles with her group Mystics of Peace. She is a delegate of the Inter-religious Council of Southern California where her music, written for many of the different religions of the world has been performed at their concerts. Her mission for a peaceful, healthy and harmonious world is expressed through her music. She is currently composing a symphony for peace that will be performed at the end of 2006.

Schedule of Events

6:30 - 7:00 pm: Registration/Networking
7:00 - 8:30 pm: Workshop / Q&A
8:30 - 9:00 pm: Networking