Love, Achievement & The Art of Balance

Professional women encounter a range of unique issues: lack of support systems, work-life balance tradeoffs, time management and need for clarity and focus. Dealing with these communication and value conflicts is an ongoing challenge. Many of us are dissatisfied with our current trade-offs and tolerations: we want more from life and want to give more back. We are in passionate pursuit of excellence.

We can be passionate about the things that matter to us, focused in our commitment, and so intense that one corner of our lives is a model of excellence while the rest is in ruins. We understand the value of balance and have probably made numerous attempts to achieve it �" with good intentions to exercise more, or take a little time off, or reconnect with friends and family �" and found that weeks or months passed without any action.

Come and learn a seven-step approach designed to lead you from powerlessness to possibility and finally into action to create a more balanced, productive and satisfying life.

Featured Speaker(s)

Moty Koppes is a business and life coach who works with women entrepreneurs and executives, high-performance individuals and teams to achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives. An executive coach with degrees in education, psychology and extensive international experience, she brings unique depth, power and perspective to the coaching process. Moty works from inside out to help her clients to remove limitations, clarify values and strengths, and accelerate achievement.

Schedule of Events

6:00-6:30PM Registration & Networking
6:30-7:30PM Seminar & Q&A
7:30-8:00PM Networking

Meeting Notes

Please note that Rutan can only validate your parking if you are parked in the structure at the back of the building (the garage off Avenue of the Arts).