Making Outsourcing Work: The When, What & How of Successful Outsourcing

Over the years, outsourcing has evolved from an experimental endeavor to an established business practice. However, there is still a significant element of risk. Indeed, developing and executing on an effective stategy is critical to the success of your project and, in some cases, your business.

This seminar focuses on the essentials of successful outsoucing: when to outsource, what to outsource, and how to outsource.
You will learn how to:

- Determine whether outsourcing makes sense for your company
- Evaluate the existing outsourcing options within your department and/or company
- Screen, interview and integrate an outsourcing partner
- Avoid the top seven outsourcing mistakes

If you are considering outsourcing or struggling with internal resource limitations, this is a highly relevant event for you. Join us as outsourcing expert Vanina Mangano presents a front-line perspective of the possibilities and realities of outsourcing.

Featured Speaker(s)

Vanina Mangano is the Vice President of Business Development for BHNET Software Solutions, a software development outsourcing company with offices in the United States and Vietnam. Over the past decade, Vanina has worked with companies developing a presence overseas by taking a diverse set of business roles and functions. Vanina's key specialty centers on offshore outsourcing with an emphasis on Asian and European countries. Her expertise reflects several years of first hand experience in the IT and Call Center industries.

Vanina is an active member of several communities and organizations. She has mentored mumerous professionals in the technology industry and spoken at alumni Business Conferences and association events. In addition to her business endeavors, Vanina regularly devotes time to volunteer work in both the community and her school alumni.

Schedule of Events

6:00-6:30PM Registration & Networking
6:30-7:30PM Seminar & Q&A
7:30-8:00PM Networking