Waterfall to Lean, with Agile in Between

Tailor your delivery approach to maximize customer satisfaction.

The greatest thing about being a technologist is that we can apply our skills in multiple industries. Adaptation is the name of the game!

Learn from a panel of technology experts as they share software delivery methods.
- What can the gaming industry teach us about building products that people will like and use?
- What are the cons of using the Agile software methodology for building products?
- How do traditional companies adress "time to market" barries when Compliance/Safety is a concern?
- What are the best ways to track and measure development progress against goals?

Featured Speaker(s)

Diane Cochran is a software engineer at Blizzard working on Battle.net, heading up the franchise websites and public API initiatives. During her three years with Blizzard, she had led numerous projects and is currently the engineering lead for the web portion of the newly released Battle.net Desktop Application.

Kristine A. Hayes Munson is an IT Leader with State Street with a proven track record of successfully completing projects in the finance, printing and construction industries. She specialized in implementing high-profile, cross-discpline projects resulting in deliverables aligned with the organization's strategic objectives. She oversees a risk and compliance program balancing internal controls, regulatory requirments, information security best practices, and entrepreneurialism.

Melissa Meyer is a Lead Producer for Blizzard for Battle.net. Battle.net provides a wide array of platform features and services for Blizzard's games including ecommerce, digital distribution, player matchmaking and social interaction, websites and more.

Moderator, Brian Dreyer, CSM, is a Director with Platinum Edge and a frequent speaker on agile and scrum. He works with clients transitioning to agile and helps organizations capitalize on agile approaches to project management.
Previously as Vice President of Business Development at Climax Group, UK and as the founder of Watchdog Entertainment, Brian has worked with several large companies and is a credited Executive Producer on 17 video game titles. Brian has held a variety of executive positions with companies such as The Machine, Amp Incorporated (now Tyco), Avnet, TechSpace, Syncata and technology analyst firm Gartner.

Schedule of Events

6:30pm - Registration, Networking and appetizers
6:50pm - WITI OC overview and Speaker introduction
7:10pm - SDLC Panel
8:15pm - Q&A
8:30pm - Adjourn

Meeting Notes

Appetizers and beverages are provided. If you or your company wish to host or sponsor an event, please ask one of the leadership team members located on the WITI.com Orange County home page.