The New Normal for working in the Age of Covid - What will your work and life look like now and in the future?

The pandemic period we are living in right now is witness to conceivably the most unprecedented disruption in the history of the labor force. Its impact is certain to persist. Companies are looking to rebuild.

Join WITI OC and our fantastic panel of speakers for our virtual networking event as we discuss the following:

• How can companies proactively respond?
• What approaches to the development of the future workforce provide positive impacts to both companies and their workforce?
• What do you (as employee and/or job seeker) need to do to actively contribute and advance your career?
• What are the must-haves for a company's investment in the "human elements" - their people, culture, and community - going forward?
• What are the �"human elements" of tomorrow’s workforce?

Featured Speaker(s)

Liem Le, Founder / CEO - Little Lion

Liem is an inclusive community builder, people focused leader, and often invited to speak as a thought leader, game changer, and keynote speaker. She has a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, analytics, and research from Fortune 500 companies and startups. A champion for work-life purpose, Liem founded Little Lion ( to help companies address employee engagement, well-being, community building and outreach to meet development and performance ROI. She received the 2018 Best of Best Leader Award from the Network of Executive Women and serves on non-profits such as the Field Museum Board of Trustees' Marketing Committee. Her work has taken her to the global stage and most recently, she was invited to address the internationally prestigious barristers of Serle Court in Lincoln’s Inn of London on unconscious bias.

Vivian Maerker - Global Director, Talent Acquisition PID for Danaher

Vivian is an experienced multicultural and trilingual Human Resources professional with strong focus on mashing employer branding to the talent acquisition strategy, and a special passion for driving Diversity & Inclusion Strategy for Talent Acquisition. She had her own company at 19 years old, led executive searches for over 15 years and has a solid experience as a Speaker and Instructor in Career Management and Leadership Training & Development. After managing regional recruitment teams in different countries in Latin America, Vivian moved to Chicago in 2012, where she is currently based. Since 2016 she is the Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Danaher’s Product Identification Platform, a group of technology companies dedicated to helping customers give products unique identities through software and hardware solutions.

Miranda Richardson - Senior Global Technical Manager, Microsoft

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Miranda has always enjoyed travel, museums, music and the latest restaurants. She is a graduate of Northwestern University earning her degree in Communication Systems. Miranda has worked in tech for over 15 years partnering with customers’ to implement their enterprise IT roadmaps successfully. In 2018 Miranda decided to step away from her consulting company and accept the call in Tech Mecca - Silicon Valley to join the Microsoft Corporation team. As a Global Technology Delivery Manager, Miranda empowers enterprises to be successful in their everyday operations and growth. Miranda was recently voted in as the World Wide Black at Microsoft External Committee Chair. Her vision for FY21 is to implement programs and partner with organizations globally, bringing tech and learning to black youth who would not have the opportunity otherwise. "Combining tech and giving back to our communities…creates infinite possibilities together!"

Arjen Mackaaij, SVP People - FabFitFun

Arjen is a business leader, people geek, and strengths-based coach, with 12+ years of experience in leading HR strategy and people functions, in industry as well as advisory roles. Brought on as their first SVP of People for FabFitFun, a fast growing lifestyle company that emerged from the LA tech scene, he oversees the end-to-end employee experience and people operations. As a member of their senior executive team, his mission is to further develop a unique employee experience that engages people to be their best fab self as the company scales, while retaining the elements that have made this company so amazing, exemplified by the reception of a Timmy Award in 2018 for its diversity. Prior to FabFitFun and following advisory roles at the Boston Consulting Group, Arjen was the People and Operations Director for BCG Digital Ventures, a corporate investment and incubation firm in Manhattan Beach, overseeing the people operations for their North America region.

Danielle Madison, Chief of Staff at Blizzard Entertainment

Danielle has over 10+ years of experience as a product operations leader in the video and broadcast media space working for globally recognized companies such as Verizon, Quickplay, and Qualcomm. She started with Blizzard Entertainment in 2017 and is currently responsible for driving the overall strategy and alignment of IT across the entire portfolio including Activision, Blizzard, and King. Always interested in helping to launch or grow new programs, Danielle is resourceful in creating operational processes to kickstart new products and optimize key metrics as well as partnering with marquee customers to create mutually beneficial solutions. Most importantly, Danielle is passionate about mentoring and building teams, and will ensure she invests time to develop strong relationships with all her stakeholders.

Schedule of Events

5:00 - 6:00pm

Meeting Notes

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