RPA: Are Robots Taking Your Job?

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Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming how businesses operate. Similar to how robots took over some blue collar worker jobs in the auto manufacturing industry, robots are now invading the white collar world. According to Harvard Business Review, most office operations groups who are adopting RPA have promised their employees that automation would not result in layoffs. Instead, workers are being redeployed to do more interesting work. Will you embrace the robots as your teammates?

Come learn and dispel the rumors about RPA - the fastest-growing enterprise software category by businesses that is reducing the most universal business risk of all: human error:

· Learn the differences between AI and RPA.
· Who will come out on top in this new redistribution of work?
· How you can prepare for automation everywhere.
· How to achieve efficient collaboration between digital workers and human talent.

· Stephen Booze, VP Digital Innovation, Solugenix Corporation

· Anjly Khurana, Sr Manager, Automation and Business Solutions, Edwards Lifescienes

Featured Speaker(s)

Stephen Booze, VP Digital Innovation, Solugenix Corporation
Stephen has over 20 years of experience in building and scaling technology-based firms. With a BS and MBA degree, he has a successful track record of establishing, staffing, and managing U.S-based and international organizations and award-winning operational units from the ground up. Steve leads the RPA practice at Solugenix where the team has implemented over 100 bots using RPA tools like UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and Pega OpenSpan in industries spanning from MedTech and insurance to commercial real estate and investment firms. He also has RPA certifications in both UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

Anjly Khurana, Sr Manager, Automation and Business Solutions at Edwards Lifesciences
Anjly has a BSc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with over 16 years experience working on enterprise applications. She has been instrumental in implementing RPA for the past 6+ years at First American Title and now Edwards Lifesciences.

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