CyberSecurity - Do you have �"Insider Threat” Issues?

Over 50% of data breaches come from the inside. Join WITI OC and special guest speaker Caitlin Gremminger (Special Agent and Coordinator of FBI’s Cyber & Counterintelligence Strategic Partnership Program) as we explore the spectrum of definitions of what is an insider and how is it a threat.

• What is an insider threat?
• What does it look like? Beyond the classic definition of espionage
• How vulnerable are you making your company?
• Are you unwittingly sharing TMI (too much information) on social platforms (like LinkedIn)
• What can you do to avoid being exposed
• Are you your own worst enemy…are you the insider threat?
• And the career question, why and how does a woman join the FBI.

Featured Speaker(s)

Caitlin Gremminger is a Special Agent and Coordinator of Cyber & Counterintelligence Strategic Partnership Program (CISP) in the Los Angeles office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She has been with the FBI for 14 years and specializes in Cyber and Counterintelligence. In her role as CISP Coordinator, Caitlin is a vital link between the FBI and outside organizations to promote cyber and counterintelligence awareness, foster information sharing alliances, and build community relations. She is also a member of RED DART, a counterintelligence collaborative between federal government agencies which raises awareness about counterintelligence threats in the Greater Los Angeles area. SA Gremminger received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining the FBI, she worked as an engineer for a defense contractor.

Schedule of Events

5:00 - 6:00 pm

Meeting Notes

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