WITI OC Virtual Mix and Mingle

Grab a drink and a snack and join us for a virtual mix and mingle to network with fellow technologists.

Let’s catch up and talk about our experiences this past year.

• What did you like working from home?
• What did you hate about working from home?
• Are you less work productive than before?
• Are you doing too many DIY home improvements?
• Are you enjoying the freedom to take meetings on your nature hikes?
• Are you working multiple remote jobs now?
• Are you less stressed as your boss cannot see what you are doing?

And anything else that’s top of mind as we blaze new trails in defining the workplace.

During this event:

• Review WITI programs for support (Webinars, coaching circles, networking sessions, etc.)
• Multiple rounds of Zoom mini-rooms to meet in smaller groups:
• Through random assignment you will partnered with a small group
• Depending on how many people attend, will determine how many rounds and the time per round.
• 2-4 people for each mini-room

Meeting Notes

If you or your company wish to host or sponsor an event, please ask one of the leadership team members located on the WITI.com Orange County home page.

Women in Technology International (WITI) Orange County network strives to provide content-rich programs and a comfortable networking environment.