Tales of Leadership Safaris

Speak of Africa and it conjures images of elephants and lion, the jungles of the Congo, and of vast golden plains dotted with wildebeests and zebras. Suzie DeBusk first went to Kenya in 1993 for a horseback riding safari. She was totally unprepared for the profound impact that this continent of red dust and endless blue skies would have on her, continually pulling her back to experience the allure of Africa again and again. Determined to share this magical place while giving people an experience that was more than a holiday, she created Leadership Safaris, an experiential personal and professional growth course taking place in Kenya. Suzie weaves tails of adventures intermingled with helping clients develop greater emotional intelligence while improving their leadership skills.

Featured Speaker(s)

Suzie DeBusk
Entrepreneur, leadership instructor, African adventurer

Whether it comes to talking with clients about their business solutions, coaching people on their interpersonal and communication skills, or dealing with a charging elephant, Suzie DeBusk has a story to tell about it. Having founded and run her own technology firm since 1988, DeBusk has remarkable insight into what it takes to build and maintain a business. Additionally, she has been a lead instructor in a technology and leadership program within Fortune 50 companies for more than six years. But this obviously busy schedule hasn’t kept her from having some amazing adventures outside of the work place. DeBusk has done more than a dozen African safaris, the first eight of which were done on horseback, doing long gallops across the plains of Kenya, being charged by elephant and buffalo and many, many more adventures.

DeBusk has a unique perspective on the journey of life, work and the adventure of it all. Through her use of anecdotes and amusing stories and tales, she weaves a thought provoking message about life, personal growth, and achievement. In addition to keynote topics regarding maximizing your leadership potential and developing the leader within, DeBusk conducts seminars and workshops which provide skills practice intended to improve areas of development such as communication, create greater self-awareness and provide content and exercises in many other aspects of improvement.

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