Communicating When the Stakes are High

The ability to communicate when the stakes are high is an essential skill of any leader. Most organizational problems have some element of a miscommunication or communication breakdown as one of the root causes. In this high energy session, participants will learn about a set of powerful tools that are part of the best selling book “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High”. The authors of this book observed over 25,000 employees handling high stakes issues to learn what are the skills needed to have influence in these situations.

Featured Speaker(s)

Carolyn McMorran is the Assistant Vice President of Professional Continuing Education for Valencia College. Valencia College was the first winner of the Aspen Prize for community college excellence. Carolyn has spent 23 years in the field of learning and development and works as a performance consultant to many Orlando-based organizations. She holds numerous certifications in the learning and development field and a Doctorate degree in Management and Organizational Leadership.