From the Moon to Mars - What's Next for Space Exploration

Join us for an insightful discussion about the future of space exploration. Central Florida has a critical role to play in the future of commercial space missions.

Come hear about possibilities for setting up staging posts on the moon for observation and exploration, as well as the future plans for humans in space, from a scientist with first-hand experience.

Featured Speaker(s)

Dr. Esther Beltran is a medical doctor who has studied how humans can survive and thrive in extreme environments. Her career has had a large impact in the aerospace sciences and in areas where people need to be prepared to endure tough conditions. Dr. Beltran has been working with NASA projects for over 20 years; she was awarded two Amelia Earhart Fellowships from Zonta International. She is also a diving doctor, certified in Hyperbaric Medicine by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). As such, she has served as the medical officer for underwater archaeological excavations with Texas A&M University and National Geographic. As a flight surgeon, Dr. Beltran has trained numerous flight teams of commercial and military fixed-wing aircraft, as well as helicopter pilots.

Dr. Beltran has been a leader in many research and teaching programs in Medicine, Science and Aerospace. Most of her professional work has been in male dominated fields for which she has been a trailblazer and an equalizer for women. She is an example of how women can excel, achieve their own aspirations and continue their lives' work regardless of their chosen profession. Her life goal is to serve society in a way that embraces what women have to offer. She desires to help women find new ways to fulfill their goals and maintain their roles in a respectful and courteous completeness with their own existence.
It is her personal passion to enhance the status of women and children worldwide.

Schedule of Events

5:30 - Networking and refreshments
6:00 - From the Moon to Mars
7:00 - Networking