Unleash the Collective Power of Your Team

Unleash the Collective Power of Your Team

- In today's VUCA climate (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) the need for teams to solve complex problems and deliver results is a given for most enterprises.

- Increasingly, leaders and teams need a way to work together and perform quickly and effectively.

- Based on years of experience, Gwen Parks has identified 8 ways to address the complex needs of team members to create a powerful team.

- This presentation shares her insights and specific methods to supercharge your team and leadership style in a way that is warm, wise and practical.

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Certified consultant and coach:
Black Belt in Instinctive Drives (The I.D. System) (One of 5 in the U.S.)
DISC Index
Currently becoming accredited in Bates Executive Presence Index

Gwen is the Managing Principal of the Gwen Parks Group,
which provides customized executive support to C-Level leaders at Fortune 100 Companies. She is on retainer with C Level Executives to provide highly individualized consulting in the areas of team and leadership development.

Gwen is also Managing Principal of Level 8 Teams, LLC. Level 8 Teams was formed to provide leaders and teams with a methodology to accelerate and sustain team performance.

Gwen earned her law degree from Case Western Reserve University, and practiced law for 20 years before building her practice as an executive consultant. She was Director of U.S. Consulting and Senior Consultant for Link-up International, the consulting firm owned by the creator of the Instinctive Drives System.

Gwen is a respected, global expert on leadership and team success. She is partner, coach, trusted advisor and champion for high-level leaders who want to take teams to the next level of performance.

Gwen pinpoints the assets and vulnerabilities of both leaders and teams to creatively solve problems and support business objectives. She applies a hybrid of philosophies and tools to make leadership and team coaching insightful, effective and exciting.

Gwen is known for leading through head and heart... driving real change in a compassionate way for her clients teams.