Systems Thinking �" The Road to Sustainable Innovation

"Systems thinking" is being called the top skill required for being successful in the 21st Century. As the world becomes more and more complex, so do the situations we face. In order to navigate the roiling waters of change, we must be able to clearly and deliberately make decisions. Sustainable, lasting decisions can only develop if we are able to look holistically and understand how the parts of a situation interact. Systems Thinking surfaces cause and effect links and loops to provide a different perspective and a new way to communicate. The workshop will focus on:

- Habits of a System Thinker
- Understanding the difference between analytic and systemic thinking
- Tips for better defining problems and solutions to avoid unintended consequences
- Analyzing the impact of the situation's Stakeholders and their point of view
- Mapping the cause and effect links of decision-making

Featured Speaker(s)

Ms. Perkey has held key leadership positions in both consulting and corporate environments. Her experience has included working with start-ups, Fortune 1000 and global enterprises. She has a proven track record in leading cultural and operational change to deliver bottom-line results.

Most of Ms. Perkey's business experience has been in turn-around situations. Her focus was on helping organizations figure out what was working and what was not working and developing plans to implement large-scale, enterprise-wide changes This required honing skills in innovation, creativity, team building, management and, most importantly, leadership and empowerment through systems thinking.