Networking Ninja: Breaking Barriers

Its time to bust through the ceiling.

Whether it's the glass ceiling, the bamboo ceiling or any other barrier to the success you want, it's time to break through.

We've all been there. You see that guy with the fancy dental work, the $300 blue jeans and the oh so confident air get the deal, the gig, or the position you've always wanted. And it makes you SO ANGRY. But what if you could learn the secret skills to be seen as the power broker, the winner and the number one candidate? You can with POWER NETWORKING. In this hands on networking session you'll learn to look, sound and act like a million, no a BILLION dollars.

In this course, you will learn to:

- Stand and sit and act like a superhero,
- Tune your nonverbal communications to project power and confidence,
- Match your communication style with your intended audience,
- Tune your voice to project confidence not arrogance,
- Effectively advocate for yourself in both calm and confrontational situations,
- Take credit for your talents and your own work,
- Learn why you are apologizing and how to STOP DOING THAT,
- Negotiate for what you are truly worth, and
- Stop worrying about sounding smart and start making your others feel smart.

Course Outline

I. Body Language: Learn how you sit, stand, walk and gesture speaks for you.
II. It's not WHAT You Say: Learn how tone, pitch and timbre affect your message.
III. Owning the Room: Learn how to survey a room like a lion(ess), find your targets and make meaningful connections.
IV. Stop Apologizing: Learn how many times per day and in how many ways do you you say you're sorry, and how to stop.
V. Take Credit: Stop letting other people steal the credit for your ideas, your capabilities or your work.
VI. Negotiating 101: Know what you're worth and get it, even in difficult situations.
VII. Jedi Mind Tricks: You know you're smart - now help your audience understand how smart THEY are.

Featured Speaker(s)

For over two decades, Jeanette DePatie has served as a professional "techsplainer"--taking really complicated technologies and technological concepts and breaking them down into everyday language that everyone can understand. She has shared her wildly entertaining and educational views on technology trends with companies like, McDonalds, Reynolds, Meredith, Better Homes and Gardens, Facebook and 20th Century Fox. She also proudly boasts that she once raised several million dollars in venture capital for a technology company with a presentation featuring two pieces of PVC pipe, a plastic funnel and a rubber chicken.

She has been hired to describe technology by a host of Fortune 500 companies including Adobe, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Monsanto, NTT Electronics, Panasonic, Pulitzer Samsung and Sony. She is highly sought after for her dynamic and fun presentations and has spoken at CES, NAB, SMPTE CEATECH The Lean Startup Conference and a variety of Colleges and Universities including Dickenson College, UCLA and USC.

She is frequently contacted by the media and has appeared on or in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dr. Drew, The Katie Couric Show, ABC News, CBS Interactive, NPR and The Huffington Post.