Selfless Listening to Build Relationships


Technology has provided us the ability to be connected all the time We can easily carry a multi-functional communication tool everywhere we go We are in constant contact with everything we need, whenever we need or want it

Are we really connected?

Has email, texting, Facebook and voicemail truly helped us remain better engaged, connected and understood?

Are we actively solving problems, or simply managing them?

Have we lost our ability truly communicate, engage, and collaborate?

We have reached the tipping point where speed and efficiency have diminished our ability to connect, understand and listen to each other to bring resolution to critical personal and business issues!

This is why Dave Cooke is so passionate about his program, "Selfless Listening." "Selfless Listening" helps participants discover how to re-connect and communicate effectively with those we most need to be engaged with in both our personal and our professional lives.

Selfless listening provides participants with the skills and the process to:

- Listen effectively to others
- See and understand what others see, experience, and feel from where they are
- Create an environment which builds trust
- Engage in behaviors which:

    - identifies issues
    - brings clarity to conflict
    - prioritizes the problem
    - encourages collaboration
    - establishes commitment

Featured Speaker(s)

Dave Cooke is an author, internationally recognized speaker, and business consultant. In his thirty plus year career, he has successfully led large corporate turnaround projects, managed national sales teams, directed key marketing initiatives, and coached business executives. His favorite professional activity is working with underperforming organizations and through cross-functional team based interactions helped bring them to marked improvements in financial and customer related performance.

Dave is also passionate about working with parents and families to help them navigate challenging adversites. Dave's passion stems from his experience with his younger son's ten-year heroin addiction. Through his non-profit organization, 100Pedals, Dave is committed to supporting and coaching families impacted by a loved one's substance abuse and addiction.

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