Agile - The Disney Method

This will be an interactive session where we discuss a popular technique to generate ideas and solve complicated problems in an agile environment.

Featured Speaker(s)

Ashok Singh is an agile thinker, innovator, and blogger. Ashok specializes in helping companies adopt and improve their use of agile practices to build high performance organizations. For last 20 years, Ashok has worked with some large companies that impact the life of most of us: Sprint PCS, Microsoft, ATT, Capitalone, Amex and Starbucks.

Ashok has 20 years of experience helping companies adopt agile mindset to tackle challenges in the telecommunications, technology and banking industries. He is an experienced agile enthusiast with a track record of building amazing teams. He is widely recognized in the community as an expert in championing the agile way of thinking.

Ashok advocates the minimum investment for accomplishing maximum results and is a strong proponent of customer-centric product development. Ashok has also served in a variety of roles in Sprint, Microsoft, ATT, CapitalOne, Amex, and Starbucks.

At Freedom Ashok is leading the agile transformation to make company deliver faster, better, and more iteratively.

When not at work, Ashok goes for hiking, long drive, or stay at home finishing a book on agility.

Books that have influenced Ashok's management style are the Black Swan, Antifragility, Good to Great, Switch, and many others.