Virtual Diversity in Tech Series presents Networking 101: Elevate Your Position by Making Allies

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Women who are successful in their careers have strong networks. Have you aligned them? There are numerous potential allies from all different areas. Let's discuss how to develop relations with potential allies in your area of your life. They can be any group that you can work with to achieve mutual goals.

Featured Speaker(s)

Samantha Scully is the founder of Sam Scully Staffing Inc. (SSS). Sam Scully Staffing is an information technology and professional technical training firm based in Los Angeles. Sam recruits and staff's IT talent to corporate partners. SSS finds professionals in-demand skills jobs by locating STEM-talent from various pipelines. Sam and her team create alliances with individuals and partnerships within public sector clients, the City of LA, and Los Angeles International Airport.

Lori Pressley-Mitchell created Black Women in Technology (BWiT) as a Meetup group late in 2014, as somewhat of a social experiment. New to Los Angeles and a self-described tech enthusiast, she attended technology events around the city and noticed most of the events were not well attended by Black Women. Her goal was to provide a space for African-American women to develop relationships, opportunities to network, professional development and technical know-how. Black Women in Technology LA is now recognized as a non-profit organization. Lori has been in technology since 1996, working at that time as a system administrator and a Respiratory Therapist. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems.

Dale Thomas Vaughn is Co-Founder of the Better Man Conference, Former Editor at the Good Men Project, TEDx Speaker, activist and author. He was once called "a leader of quality men" by Gloria Allred, the most prominent feminist attorney in the world. Currently, he is building a new endeavor in the Positive Masculinities movement, offering the first accredited education units on positive masculinity in partnership with the American Psychological Association. Learn more at

Lorrie Thomas Ross is a transformational marketing advisor, guide, speaker and lifestyle business owner who loves supporting inspiring entrepreneurs and women business leaders. She is the CEO (that's Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Web Marketing Therapy®, a full-service marketing agency that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions. Her love for web-based, virtual, office-less business (and over 15 years of experience doing it successfully!) inspired her to launch Wild Web Women®, a company that helps women root, sow and grow business via an awesome Rebel Circle membership program, fun, incredible retreats and one-on-one advisory.

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Ahalya Kethees is an executive coach and facilitator who works with executives in the tech industry. She helps leaders be more effective at having difficult conversations, influencing those whom they previously struggled to engage, and inspiring their teams to produce better results. Ahalya was the youngest consultant at the fastest growing human capital consulting firm in Canada and became a certified coach in her mid-20s, now bringing 15 years of experience to Silicon Valley’s tech leaders. She recently moved from San Francisco to Maui and is grateful for all the beach time. You can learn more about Ahalya at