Keeping Your Network Charged

It happens to us all work, family, just life. The next time we look up we haven't spoken to a past colleague in five years, haven't gone to a professional networking event in ten years or even went to a work event that was not mandated by our boss. Or maybe we have taken time off from work or have moved to a new city.

For some people, they wonder why do I need to network? I have been in the same job since 1990, and I plan on retiring with them.

That is nice, but today the average lifespan in a job is 4.6 years. Applying to a job is like throwing your resume into the wind. Having a person send your resume to the hiring manager or meeting people from the company you want to work with and creating a relationship is the best way to reenter or make a move in today's crowded job market.

Keeping your network charged we will discuss the importance of having a network, debunk the myths about networking, discuss how to grow and keep your network charged for life.

Featured Speaker(s)

Munah's entrepreneurial style and broad perspective in human resources has given her the confidence to advise clients from both a strategic and tactical perspective. Her passion for excellence fuels her ability to make a difference for companies and individuals seeking to expand or inspire where they are and who they are.

For years Munah gave advice to friends, colleagues, and leaders in the business community on how to deal with difficult people in the workplace, how to find the right talent and upon finding them how to negotiate their worth. Countless hours of advising, coaching and training mangers on treating employees with respect led to Munah facing for the first-time disappointment in her career.

With over 13 years as a human resource leader in the Healthcare and Retail industry, Munah was laid off in a new town and no connections. She began a journey that has led her to consulting.

Munah brings her networking skills and insider knowledge of hiring managers and c-suite executives to the Triangle and surrounding areas.

Schedule of Events

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7:30�"8:00 Q&A, Raffle, and Networking