Ignite the Passion Within - Five Ways to Be an Empowered Woman Leader

This dynamic interactive, informative, and fun workshop is for women at all stages of their career and life to "Ignite the Passion Within!" Learn the five proven ways successful woman leaders use to control their own destiny and become the kind of woman leader they want to be. Women’s pay has only increased by 1% in the last decade and it will take until the year 2277 for women to achieve pay equity. We all need to take action to smash the glass ceiling for ourselves and every generation of women leaders.

This workshop is based on three years of research and thousands of interviews with top women leaders (and men) on what makes a great woman leader and provides practical techniques to use now!

Discover and practice these five powerful actions every woman can use today!

1. Be Strong - discover how to play to your strengths and strive for excellence
2. Stand Up - create a personal leadership vision to guide your career and life decisions
3. Stand Out - learn to be more valuable, visible, and vocal
4. Be #1 - put yourself #1 on your things-to-do list
5. Pay it forward - invest in future women leaders by empowering other women and generations

Featured Speaker(s)

With over 25 years of experience, Pattie is an empowerment expert for organizations, leaders, teams, and women. Her presentations and interviews are empowering, educational, interactive, and provide real-life skills.

Pattie worked as a senior leader for the Microsoft Enterprise Team for 15 years including 3 years running the Asia Pacific Region. She worked at Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision as the Global Head for Performance and Leadership Effectiveness. Pattie was one of the youngest female Vice Presidents for a California Bank.

Pattie runs her training and consulting company focused on educating and empowering women and girls to be the best they can be. She is an author, speaker, master trainer, podcast guest, coach, and women's advocate.

Pattie was recognized as one of the top Women Leaders by the Executive Women's Association and Who's Who in Women's Leadership. She was recognized as one of the top women authors by Connected Women of Influence and was awarded the top woman leadership award by the State of California.

Pattie's book, Quiet Women Never Changed History - Be Strong, Stand Up and Stand Out with the subtitle - "Let's Go Kick Some Glass" is on Amazon. She is the former host of the popular weekly radio show Women Kicking Glass on OC Talk Radio.

Schedule of Events

11:30am-12:30pm PDT (2:30-3:30pm EDT)