Connection: the new currency of sales

Treubh, you say? In this workshop, we will dig into our origin story, what makes us unique as humans, and how we can leverage our primitive inclinations to optimize our modern day connections. As a proven sales leader, Jessica will walk you through a methodology to enable you to gain buy-in from new clients from interaction one, to deepen your relationships with existing clients, and to bring your authenticity to the table to increase your pipeline. Join this workshop to learn more about who you are, who your client is, and the common ground in between as we relate the concept of "treubhs."

***No Recruiting or soliciting allowed at any WITI WINS Event. These events are for education and relationship building only***

Featured Speaker(s)

Jessica White is a 23-year tech exec passionate about human connection. As an alumni of both IBM and ACCENTURE, Jessica has been immersed in technologies which can be used to improve the human experience. As a sales strategist and growth leader with a track record of building large-scale technology practices, Jessica applies these technologies in a way that optimizes human performance, inclusion, and connection. Jessica’s interest in human connection has opened up venues of exploration around our primal origins, how we communicate in the digital age, and new ways of creating deeper connection in an era of AI.