Increase Your Energy, Health & Productivity in Your Professional & Personal Life!

Join WITI San Diego as we host a discussion on the importance of health and wellness. The impact of personal health is becoming ever more important as companies recognize the impact of employee well being in the work environment; the impact includes productivity, performance enhancement, and more. Many companies are now incorporating corporate wellness programs into their employee benefit programs.

Speaker Kristen Nolan is a best-selling co-author of ‘3 Steps to Your Best Body’ and has helped thousands in the San Francisco area face-to-face, as well as countless others nationwide, as an author, speaker and guest expert for webinars, workshops, media and special events.

Discussion points include:

* Get More Done in Less Time - Learn the top strategy to increase productivity and performance in your career and at home!

* Stop the Brain Fog - Discover how to combine foods easily to give you sharper mental focus.

* Stop the Cravings - Learn how to have control over what you eat by combining the right foods to invigorate your body and mind!

* Get Your Energy Back - Learn why stress and your busy schedule is dragging you down and how to turn this around to get sustainable, high energy that lasts all day!

Featured Speaker(s)

Kristen Nolan, the High Performance Health Mentor, is a health, fitness and metabolism expert who helps busy, women transform their lives by learning how to take back control of their own bodies and finally feel good about themselves again.

Stress, hectic lifestyles, yo-yo dieting and the natural effects of aging all work together to throw a body's metabolism out of balance. Kristen's unique approach combines brain based exercise techniques, stress reduction strategies and nutrition coaching to help women naturally raise their metabolism! This helps them eliminate cravings, increase their health, and feel fit and energized for life!

Schedule of Events

5:30-6:00 PM: Registration/Networking
6:00-7:15 PM: Program/Q&A
7:15-7:30 PM: Close and networking