The Power of Self-Compassion for Wellness

For most of us, treating others with kindness and compassion comes naturally. When we see someone experiencing physical or emotional pain, our heart instinctively goes out to them. But what about how we treat ourselves? Do we exhibit the same kindness and compassion to ourselves as we do to others? If you are like most people, the answer is emphatically no. When it comes to ourselves, harsh judgement and self-criticism is the norm. This lack of self-compassion is especially true during times of undue stress like now.

This presentation is for you if you
- Are overly and unnecessarily self-critical
- Refer to yourself in harsh terms
- Feel guilty over not excelling at everything you do

In the presentation, you will learn about
- The concept of self-compassion
- The connection between self-compassion and overall wellness
- Tools to cultivate self-compassion
Dr. Shayna Kaufmann draws from her Clinical Psychology training and experience and 16 years of dedicated Zen practice. The presentation includes exercises for experiential learning and opportunities for questions and discussion.

Featured Speaker(s)

Dr. Shayna Kaufmann is a Clinical Psychologist and the Founder and President of Embrace The Middle. Her company’s teaching and workshops focus on guiding women in midlife to experience these years with empowerment and joy, rather than crisis and dread.  Shayna has published original research, is a sought-after speaker, and former adjunct faculty member at National University and Alliant International University. She has been practicing Zen Meditation for the past 16 years and annually attends silent meditation and personal growth retreats. Her community involvements include Board positions and volunteer work for the Antidefamation League, NAACP, Parent-Teacher Associations, Foundation for Women Warriors, and Jewish Family Services.  Shayna has been happily married since 1999 and is the mother of two powerful daughters.