Understanding the No-Code Revolution

No-Code tools are all the rage these days. It seems like every day a new â€"no-code” platform emerges to help people unleash their creativity. Similar to how computers have democratized our software usage and the cloud has impacted our deployment of software, no-code is supposed to democratize any technical skill sets.

It aims to reduce any complexity and workflow of tech-savvy processes, thereby touching every user across the enterprise. But what exactly is no-code and how does one learn to build products without code?

We’re bringing together experts from 3 of the leading companies enabling the No-Code/Low-Code revolution. You’ll leave the conversation with an understanding of:

-the landscape: what makes a tool â€"no-code/low-code”, and who are some of the key players for building applications and workflows?
-the benefits: what makes no-code accessible to technical and non-technical creators, and how can you best utilize these tools?
-the future: where is no-code going? what's the next frontier for no-code tools? which use cases are the most promising?

Featured Speaker(s)

Moderator: DeeDee Lavinder is a Senior Software Engineer at Elastic. The juxtaposition of analytical thinking and creative problem solving is where she is happiest and she's thrilled about finding that sweet spot in technology. Previously, she led the life of an entrepreneur and small business owner managing a community-focused store for new families. She spends her time outside of work gardening, reading, and tending three small people. She also volunteers as a Director of Women Who Code and as an OWL facilitator for 5th graders and their parents.

Lisa Smith - Engineering Manager - Zapier: Lisa Smith is an engineering manager for Zapier and the Founding Director of the Raleigh-Durham Chapter of Women Who Code. She's been every kind of developer and engineer and been working with code since before there was a Google. Lisa speaks to companies and organizations about her passions - inclusion and diversity in recruiting and retention. She lives with her partner and their children, loves gaming, crafting, and cooking untested recipes for large unsuspecting groups of friends.

Alan Yiu - Manager, Product Management - Airtable: Alan leads Airtable's Platform team and was one of the first product managers to join the company. He's a big believer in the power of great tools, which is what drew him to Airtable. Prior to Airtable, he was a Director of Product at Quora, where he led teams focused on content and engagement.

Camille Esposito - Sr. Brand Designer - Webflow Camille is a senior brand designer at Webflow where she focuses on web design and co-leads the design team's DEI initiatives. She's been using Webflow and other no code tools for five years - before Webflow, she worked at Getaround where she was a key player in migrating their marketing site from traditional development into Webflow. She lives in San Francisco with her dachshund and rapidly growing collection of plants.

Schedule of Events

11am-11:05am - Intro
11:05-11:35am- Moderator/Speaker Intro and Roundtable Discussion
11:35-11:50 - Q&A
11:50am-12pm - Wrap Up and Virtual Networking