Leadership Team

Estrella Bahns

Network Director

Estrella Bahns is a Sr. Account Manager at Randstad Technologies and has been a part of WITI since 2017. With Randstad - the largest HR Services organization in the world - Estrella works with local industry leaders to identify technical talent and solutions throughout the Bay Area. Estrella is originally from the island of Molokai, Hawaii and moved to San Francisco in 2009 to pursue a Hospitality and Marketing Business Degree. She has served as a member of the Host Committee for the Women in Leadership & Philanthropy group at her alma mater - University of San Francisco.

Sophie Kim

PR and Marketing Chair

Sophie is a global citizen; She was born in South Korea, grew up in Canada, and has been living in Silicon Valley for 5 years now. She enjoys multicultural environments where she can learn a lot from each culture.

Sophie is currently a UX Designer in Silicon Valley. Technological innovation can be intimidating, but her goal as a UX Designer is to make technology easy and friendly for users to adopt. The beautiful harmony found when bridging technology and humans is why she has a deep passion for UX Design.

Her mission is to create innovative and impactful experiences that can empower users of all demographics when it comes to technology.