Creating Business Cases that Bosses and Investors Love

You have a great idea. You want to gain approval and resources to move it to the next stage.

You need to provide a compelling business case that convinces your company’s executives or outside investors. The challenge: they may not use the same terminology that you do, may not be technical and may have an entirely different agenda.

In his time at Citrix, Scott Barnett has built business cases for multi-million dollar technology purchases. In his current role at LogicMonitor, Scott will walk you through the strategy to building better business cases, show you an easy step-by-step methodology and provide real-world examples where he will translate from the arguments most of us make to what decision-makers are waiting to hear.

And he'll share a sample business case that you can steal, repurpose and use to take over the world (or, at the very least, to guide your business in the right direction.)

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Featured Speaker(s)

Scott Barnett is currently Sr. Director of Marketing at LogicMonitor, a Santa Barbara-based technology start-up. Prior to LogicMonitor, Scott Barnett was Director of Customer Marketing at Citrix’s SaaS Division, and headed up a team that was responsible for marketing automation technology, customer marketing programs and chat and trial call programs.