Leadership Team

Jill Chiappe

Jill is an executive coach who founded and runs Coachability, Inc, an executive coaching practice focused on technology companies. Jill's clients have included companies such as Cisco, eBay, PayPal, KLA-Tencor, Dell and several venture capital firms, such as Sequoia Capital and Saints Capital. She has also worked with technology start-ups like Minted, Rapleaf, SurveyMonkey, Lab 126, Blue Jeans Network and Achates Power. Clients come to Jill looking for ways to enhance their leadership and career development with the best available coaching systems in the business world. Jill spoke recently at the Women in Technology Forum at Cisco on executive presence and influence. Jill's book, Be Coachable, comes out in July and is a manual on effective coaching.

Suzanne Cloutier

Suzanne is the founder and president of Cloutier and Associates, an accountancy corporation that provides accounting services to entrepreneurs and investors across multiple industries. A CPA for than 25 years, Suzanne is an expert in the ever changing tax landscape and reporting requirements governing businesses and personal income tax. Suzanne is also the author of the Mythology of Money, a fun interactive course that helps participants identify, explore and question their personal mythologies (stories) about money.

Tommie Rae Barnett

Tommie Rae is a strategic sales/business development professional who combines integrity and knowledge of customer drivers to gain strong support both within executive and operational organizations. As a global citizen with extensive international business experience, she is community minded both from the broad and local scope. Able to apply technological advances to help clients differentiate themselves in their market, she is seen as a critical part of their internal teams. Always an entreprenier within the large corporate structure, she is an expert in engaging resources and gaining commitment and enthusiasm. As a founding member and Chair of Corporate Fundraising of Women in Technology International's (WITI) Santa Barbara Network, she closely coordinated with local leaders Citrix, UCSB TMP, Mentor Corporation, Rightscale, and Cox Communication resulting in the network's strong growth and success within this first year. Enjoying greatly the close proximity of her family and her favorite position as Nana to Sydney, Bailey, Ethan, Bliss and Be; her weekends are filled with laughter and bubbles, as well as committee meetings for various local non-profits.