WITI in Partnership with the University of Denver is proud to announce: HOW COVID HAS AFFECTED CYBERSECURITY: LESSONS LEARNED AND A PATH FORWARD

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created an explosion of cyber risks. Of necessity, the world has become far more connected, almost overnight. This surge in communications and the massive shift to operate businesses online have created the opportunity of a lifetime for hackers and online scammers. Estimates are that cybercrime will cost some $6 trillion per year through 2021.

Thus, the need for talented, proficient cybersecurity professionals has become crucial as bad actors use the pandemic to their advantage. Learn more about security risks you never had to consider before, how to protect your own data in the new digital age, and how excellent career opportunities for women in cybersecurity are at an all-time high.

Featured Speaker(s)

Cathie Wilson is currently the Assistant Academic Director of the Information and Communication Technology program at The University of Denver, University College. Cathie has more than 15 years of IT consulting experience including more than five years providing Oracle solutions to clients across a range of industries. In addition to her IT background, she has been teaching in higher education for over 10 years. Cathie holds an M.S. from Regis University.

Amber Cardillo is the Director of Global Solution Consultants at VMware, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at The University of Denver. Amber has earned a Master of Science in Telecommunications from the University of Denver, an Executive IT Management Certificate from MIT, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Mary Haynes is the Vice President II of Network Security Operations at Charter Communications. She currently leads the network security program for Charter's core networks and Spectrum services, including High-Speed Internet, Telephony, and Video products. As well, she is responsible for Charter's Customer Security Operations, Law Enforcement Response Team, Abuse management and botnet remediation programs. Mary actively participates in a leadership role in numerous security organizations and associations, including the National Communications and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), and the Communications Information Sharing Analysis Center (ISAC) Communications Sector Reliability and Interoperability Council Working Groups. She currently serves as the Communications Deputy Sector Chief for Denver Infragard and was the founding member of Women In Security / Denver, the largest ISSA Special Interest Group. Mary has been in the information security field since 1996 and has served in security leadership positions for Evergy, Lumen, Sprint, and AT&T. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Baker University with a degree in Business Administration.

Virginia Mayo is Chief Engineer of the IBM Security Vulnerability Management Program, where she designed the framework for the service from the ground up, providing leadership to over 2,000 global clients. Virginia has led the development of intellectual capital and security solutions to support IBM's transformation through processes, education, and global automation that continue to be widely utilized globally, supporting IBM to meet and exceed client objectives. A trusted advisor and thought leader for her expertise in Security, Vulnerability, and Threat Management, Virginia is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Senior/L3 IT Specialist, and The Open Groupâ„¢ Distinguished IT Specialist. As well, she is a recognized Security Leader in the Filipino-American community and was honored by the Philippine Consulate as a 2018 Distinguished Filipina. In 2019 she was honored at the Women of Color STEM Conference with the Outstanding Technical Contribution award. Virginia holds dual Bachelor of Science Degrees in Computer Engineering and Information Technology and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.