Shifting the Cybersecurity Conversation: From How to Why in Engaging Executive Leadership

This months speaker will pose the questions to the critical areas but will discuss the approach to answering each with the audience (not at the highly technical level, but rather the approach of speaking to Directors and above - for a newbie to gain credibility by sounding seasoned)

Network and Chat about breaking cybersecurity news, threats, and ways to protect yourself and your organization. We will also discuss the certifications and education needed to transition into the field of Cybersecurity.

This event occurs the third Thursday of every month.

***No Recruiting or soliciting allowed at any WITI WINS Event. These events are for education and relationship building only***

Featured Speaker(s)

Joey Hernandez is an accomplished individual with a distinguished career in both the military and the private sector. As the Financial Services Sector Chief for InfraGard Tampa and a U.S. Air Force military officer with 27 years of service, Joey has served the government across Europe and Africa. In his full-time role as the North American Lead for Proactive Cybersecurity services for Dell Technology Secureworks, Joey is at the forefront of efforts to secure and protect vital systems and infrastructure. In addition to his professional pursuits, Joey has been deeply involved in his community through youth sports coaching, leadership in the Civil Air Patrol, and economic development work in the city of San Antonio and Live Oak, Texas. Joey has also been a professor of criminal justice and cybersecurity courses at the college level.