Cybersecurity - Cyber Incident Response Tabletop Demo

This month's Cybersecurity Discussion & Connecting event will feature guest speakers Michelle Main, Marian Massey, Samantha Ramos, and Jacob Frasca.

Cybersecurity is often approached from a technical perspective. However, in most cases, it is driven by business needs and technical requirements. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how these requirements influence a company’s legal and security department’s decisions during a cyber incident. Samantha Ramos and Jacob Frasca will present a cyber attack scenario and methodology to responding to the incident based on the NIST Incident Response Lifecycle. They will walk through the incident response process as it relates to technical controls and management. Samantha and Jacob are cybersecurity professionals with years of experience helping organizations meet their cybersecurity and regulatory requirements.

In conjunction with Samantha and Jacob, Michelle Main and Marian Massey will walk participants through the potential legal ramifications of a cyber security attack on a FinTech business, including legal strategies for identifying and resolving issues surrounding data breaches from the attack. Michelle and Marian will highlight the potential consequences of non-compliance with federal and state laws, legal penalties and potential lawsuits, and strategies for preventing, mitigating and containing cybersecurity breaches when they occur. Michelle Main and Marian Massey are legal professionals that assist businesses with cybersecurity policies, responses to threats, and responses to data breaches.

Network and Chat about breaking cybersecurity news, threats, and ways to protect yourself and your organization. We will also discuss the certifications and education needed to transition into the field of Cybersecurity.

This event occurs the third Thursday of every month.

***No Recruiting or soliciting allowed at any WITI WINS Event. These events are for education and relationship building only***