Cybersecurity Discussion & Connecting

The WITI July Cyber Security community event, an exciting gathering of industry professionals and enthusiasts, as we delve into the latest news and trends shaping the cybersecurity landscape. This event will focus on exploring the profound impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on the security industry.

During the event, we will feature insightful discussions, led by leaders, who will share their expertise and shed light on the evolving challenges and opportunities posed by generative AI. From its potential applications in threat detection and response to the emerging risks it introduces, we will explore the various aspects of this groundbreaking technology.

To facilitate meaningful connections and foster engaging conversations, we have organized several breakout rooms that cater to different interests and areas of expertise within cybersecurity. These smaller, interactive sessions will provide attendees with the opportunity to network, share insights, and discuss specific topics in-depth.

Whether you are a seasoned cybersecurity professional, an AI enthusiast, or simply curious about the intersection of generative AI and security, this event promises to be a valuable platform for learning, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. Join us at the WITI July Cyber Security event to stay informed, connect with industry peers, and explore the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity in the age of generative AI.

This event occurs the third Thursday of every month.

***No Recruiting or soliciting allowed at any WITI WINS Event. These events are for education and relationship building only***