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WITI Cybersecurity Network Brief: MGM & Caesars Ransomware Attacks

This month, the WITI Cybersecurity Network zeroes in on the recent ransomware attacks on MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment. With systems paralyzed and share values dropping, these breaches underscore the vast implications of cyber threats on major enterprises. Expert Pamela Fusco will dissect:

The Culprits: 'Scattered Spider', a hacking group known for advanced social engineering, is behind these attacks.

The Impact: MGM's operations saw visible disruptions. Meanwhile, Caesars has confirmed breaches involving personal data of its loyalty program members.

Looking Ahead: Beyond immediate recovery, both companies grapple with potential regulatory fallout, reputational hits, and undetermined financial costs. How can other businesses fortify their defenses against similar threats?

Join us to unravel the complexities of these breaches and learn proactive strategies for enhanced cybersecurity resilience.

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