Leadership Team

Dr. Carolyn Turbyfill

Dr. Turbyfill is a technical Executive and Architect with 20+ years of experience in: Security (Cyber and Physical); Risk Management; Enterprise Products and Services; Compliance; Database; Strategy and Roadmaps; management of multiple groups in domestic and international locations; startups and turnarounds. Consistently deliver quality products within budget and on time. Have consistently built leading edge technologies and products:

- The first database benchmark using experimental design techniques, the Wisconsin Benchmark;
- One of the first wireless LAN’s with radio, antenna and IP Layer encryption;
- The first Firewall Appliance, SunScreen SPF 100 which also included a certificate authority and one of the first commercial IP Layer VPN’s, SKIP;
- The first round-trip email marketing systems with interactive Java applets and the precursor to PayPal;
- The first Managed Security Service at Counterpane Internet Security;
- The first virtualized automated test environments for application stacks, the StackSafe Test Center.

Currently working for WITI (Women in Technology International) managing Glass Ceiling Report 2.0.

CERM (Certified Enterprise Risk Management) Certified
IEEE Senior Member
Member of WITI Hall of Fame

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Ph.D., Computer Science

University of Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin
M. Sc., Computer Science
National Science Foundation Scholarship

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
B.A Psychology

Samantha Ramos

Samantha is currently an Information Security Manager at Nextech Systems and has a Master of Science in Information Technology Management. Samantha has multiple years of experience in security consulting and helping organizations improve their information security posture. Samantha’s expertise focuses on Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) functions including IT auditing, security policy lifecycle management, and risk management. Outside of work, Samantha serves as a mentor to youth organizations in the community and strives to spread awareness about information security and Internet safety.

Niharika Srivastav

Niha Srivastav is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Sanovatech, a services company focused on simplifying cybersecurity for non-techies, business managers, and executives. Niha has extensive experience in information technology and is very passionate about educating people on cybersecurity threats and risks. She is associated with various non-profit organizations in the Bay area that work towards the education of underprivileged children.