Promoting STEM Education in Africa

Featured Speaker(s)

Prof Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua is a pioneering STEM Educator, Administrator, and Engineer with a demonstrated track record of leading and developing academia-industry-government workforce development partnerships and collaborations. She is Intentional and strategic in advocating for educational equality for underserved groups, including, women, minorities, and other marginalized groups. She maintains key focus on leveling the playing field through large-scale initiatives while driving change. She is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity for all.

Prof. Rose Margaret Ekeng -Itua is a strategic leader in higher education pedagogy, policy, and STEM strategy. She possesses 15+ years of expertise and record of excellence in teaching, improving student achievement, retention, and progression in STEM Higher Education. She is astute in implementing policies, technology, and corporate engagement to enhance learning outcomes and educational innovation. She is skilled in designing and implementing quality instructional programs and support services for students.

Prof. Rose-Margaret Elena-Itua is the world's first black woman Ph.D holder in Cybernetics