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Robyn Arnold

Network Director

Robyn Arnold is an executive leader in Information Technology with over 25 years of experience in the industry.  She has worked in a variety of industries delivering solutions for mid-sized to large organizations, enabling them to reach their business goals with technology.

Robyn's passion for IT began when writing her first program in high school to allow kids to play the ‘Paper Fortune Teller' game on a computer.  With encouragement from relatives, she pursued this further and turned her passion into reality.  She recognized early that her desire to help people in IT succeed was strong and coding was only one aspect.  Robyn spent the majority of her career in management and leadership roles at organizations offering career development, coaching, and as a mentor to people across the globe.

Being a natural networker, corporate professional, and entrepreneur have afforded the opportunity for Robyn to build relationships connecting people to partner and collaborate in different ways.  She has supported Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for Diversity and Inclusion, Asian, African American, Disability, and Women and was the Corporate Development Chair for the Autism Speaks St. Louis Walk, working alongside amazing people to support people within our community.  After attending WITI events and meeting WITI members, she is excited to serve the Greater St. Louis area and other Midwest communities through WITI.